• Choose a name, image, and card color for your ability
  • You can add your own pictures or artwork!

Choose from hundreds of effects

  • Combine more than one effect simply by adjusting sliders
  • These include every type of effect you expect in a tactical, turn-based RPG from damage and movement to status ailments, buffs, and summons

Add Experience Points

  • Experience (XP) is gained the old fashion way, beating up baddies!
  • Adding XP to your abilities is one of the main ways your character progresses.

Determine the Activation Cost

  • The more Active Points (AP) an ability costs, the more powerful it will be.
  • Use as many abilities as you have AP for during a turn.
  • AP is also used to move your character during battle, so be strategic!

Set the Range

  • This determines how far the origin of an ability can be from you.
  • Optionally, you can make the Range “restrictive,” meaning it will ONLY work at that distance to make your ability more effective.

Optional: Select an Area of Effect

  • It’s as easy as taping blocks in our AE grid
  • Create any shape
  • Click and drag the origin to create cones, lines, and other shapes
  • The grid is represented on the card itself in the main text area

Optional: Negatives / Conditions

  • For instance, you can take damage when casting a “Chaotic Bolt”
  • Or you can restrict a “Backstab” attack to only work when behind a target
  • Negatives and restrictive conditions INCREASE THE POTENCY OF POSITIVE EFFECTS. (You can think of them as adding extra Experience Points)
  • You can also add conditional enhancements. In this case, “Backstab” would deal additional damage from behind a target, but would also work from the front or sides

Now scribe it and you’re done!

  • Abilities may only include a total of 5 effects, whether positive, negative, or conditional
  • Sound and visual media will be automatically generated according to the effects chosen. However, you can customize this as well
  • You can even add a line of text for your character to say when executing the ability

We’re preparing a video that covers all this. Expect it soon! ;)